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Practical Outdoor Ministry

The Outdoor Ministry program will equip you with the practical preparedness, survival, and bushcraft skills as revealed in the Holy Scriptures based around the Biblical festivals of Passover, Pentecost, and Sukkot and then use them for evangelism.

"Let's face it. The church is not yet prepared or equipped for the coming of Jesus Christ. This program is for those filled with the spirit and power of Elijah, commissioned to Prepare the Way." ~ Dr. Jason Hunt

Program Outline

This sample outline is for the Associate of Practical Outdoor Ministry. All program outlines are subject to change based on student needs and program objectives. 

Ministry Core

The Ministry Core is comprised of the ten foundational classes in Ministry, Theology, Discipleship, and Evangelism.


Modern Survival is the foundational course in wilderness skills and leadership. In this course, you will learn hard and soft skills related to training and teaching outdoor skills as a ministry.

Gospel of Survival

This course expounds on the three pilgrimage festivals of the Bible and demonstrates how each reveals an annual pattern of wilderness-based skills and learning.

Bushcraft Hygiene & First Aid

Bushcraft First Aid is the introductory course to Wilderness First Aid. Learners will learn to utilize common plants and basic survival kit equipment to treat simple wounds and manage hygiene. 

Urban Survival

Essential Urban Survival skills ranging from EDC, Tiered Kit Development, and Bugging Out are all topics covered in this course along with projects ranging from lock-picking to making gas masks.

Winter Survival

Being prepared to endure hardship at unexpected times is what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 24: "Pray your escape is not in the winter or on a sabbath day;" this course will better prepare you for enduring harsh climates and the elements when camping becomes inconvenient.


Elective courses ranging from food preservation and making fishing lures to carving spoons, wooden bowls, and backpacking are all potential options when choosing an elective class. 

Bushcraft Fitness

Bushcraft Fitness is designed as a 5-week training program to get you in shape for wilderness travel and expedition. Open to all fitness levels, the course is self-paced and easily modified to suit personal needs. 

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