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The Power of Confession

My family has been studying many of the great full-gospel teachers of the past several decades and putting into practice the things they say worked for them. If it worked for them, it shall most certainly work for us, and for you all the same. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). On an average day, I spend around four to six hours or so listening to sermons or Bible teaching praying continuously as I listen and work. I also read something almost every night from books set at my bedside. Sure, there are days I'll get down a rabbit hole watching movie trailers, listening to a podcast, or dare I say- watching the news! But these have become rare days over the last few months.

I felt like I'd gone through a spiritual wilderness (a dry spell as they say) the last few years. All my own doing mind you. I've focused primarily on scaling our business. Sure, I have preached, led people to Jesus, prayed for the sick, and even cast out a few demons. But, none of that means I was being a good Christian.

Romans 11:29, ESV: For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.

We can use our gifts and calling improperly, for our own benefit, or perhaps not at all for seasons of life. I was using mine, but in a limited capacity- I was/am in my own way. Our primary reason for ministry should be to glorify Jesus Christ- to make Him known. Our primary reason for prayer should be to talk with Jesus Christ and our primary reason for pursuing the gifts is to empower the relationship we already have with Christ. To make the testimony we have, life-altering. How to properly convey that in a manner outside and apart from the institutional church or organized religion however is something I've had to experiment with- I am pleased to report- all things work better outside the institution of man! But this experimentation season of life is in large part, the reason I held myself back. I wanted to be sure.

As I said, I pray a lot. More than I think I do actually and it's probably the same for you. We may think about the things of God often, but not classify it as a prayer, but it is all the same.

Matthew 6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

When we ask, however, that's when we empower the Spirit for the answer. Just make sure what you're asking for is in line with God's plan for you and is revealed in His word.

James 4: 2-3, "You crave and have not. You murder and you envy, yet you cannot get it. You fight and you wage war. You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives so you may spend it on your passions."

The Power of Confession

When I pray, it's mostly to myself, sometimes out loud, and when alone sometimes in tongues. I've never been a big praying-in-tongues kinda person. I wrote a book on it actually called Tongues as of Fire because the way it's taught in the church is incorrect. That said, the doctrine is congruent with New AND Old Testament practices; so I pray in tongues as Spirit-led. For the past few years, there's been a song in my prayer time. It was always the same and was like an earworm, I just had to pray it out and did so without understanding or truthfully much thought about it afterward other than noticing how odd it was for me.

Several weeks ago, the song in an unknown language came back and wouldn't leave me alone. I actually went to pray about it so God would take it off of me- instead, he told me to interpret it. Well, since it repeated nonstop in my head, it was easy to write down. I thought I was writing phonetically, but I wasn't! It was exact and turned out to be Sanskrit after I entered it into Google Translate, then every other translator I could find. All said the same thing in nearly the same way. It was a confession from my Spirit- something that carried me through the spiritual funk I thought I was in. Upon interpretation- I declared it aloud, shared with my wife and kids, and selected others- and thus began the next step into the current leg of work for the Lord. Words matter- God created everything using them afterall- and there's a reason we'll be judged by every fruitless word we've spoken. They all have power, even when we don't understand them!

Proverbs 18:21 Life and death are in the power of the tongue...

What was my song? Bro Shikha, Bro Shikha, Ashta Kita de sa. Asanda Kita sanna na ki, Ashta Kita de sa.

What's it mean?

Brother of the Light, Brother of the Light, Heaven is near the earth. Give pass to be saved. The plan incongruous to reason on earth is the truth upon the earth. Heaven is near the earth. Give pass to be saved.

Where's it at in the bible?

Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand ” (Matthew 4:17)

This was the call I'd been waiting for. Time is short and we need to get everything in order, including our confession and it begins today, right now, in your home. If it's not in your home, you'll never carry it to work, then to the streets, etc. It starts at home!

John Osteen has a wonderful message on the Power of Words that he ministered in 1988. I felt this confession to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, so I transcribed it so that you can declare it daily as we have been since hearing it. You see, our words, more so, what we believe about ourselves and our circumstances matter. When my wife and I stopped looking at the circumstances around us- being poor, no opportunity, broken car, or whatever and we instead spoke with faith regarding the great business we would have, the new car, the opportunities, etc. These things began to manifest in our lives because we were always looking forward to them and working toward them, and expecting them by God's grace.

When life gets in the way, we'd kick it out of our way, climb over it, or plow through it to get to the other side realizing it as an experience provided as a testimony for us. Just one more way we could talk about how Jesus overcame an insurmountable obstacle on our behalf. We prophesy our own destiny through faith- acting on what we know the Bible says. This is not positive thinking, Christian Science, or some new age trash- it's Bible! Romans 4:17, Hebrews 11:1

Confession is one of the keys to getting your relationship with the Lord back on track. What you say matters and it opens the door to the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

Print this out and confess it daily until you get it!

I boldly confess that I agree with God. I may not feel like it; I may not look like it, but I agree with God. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am in Christ Jesus; He is my Lord and Savior, and I am His new creation. I am delivered from the powers of darkness, and I am translated in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. I am set free from the curse of the law. I am blessed and cannot be cursed. Satan! Take your hands off of me; I command you. I know the truth! You will not dominate me; I will dominate you in the name of Jesus. All Demons, take your hands off of me, off of my family, off of my money; and off of my health in the name of Jesus.

I also recommend listening to the original message here: 

Here's another from Pastor Osteen on the Holy Spirit you may also enjoy.

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