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If you have a dime and Jesus, it's plenty

When recalling his memories of traveling to Tibet during his mission years throughout Asia, Lester Sumrall said that when he felt called to go to Tibet, he only had 10 cents to his name. He was doing ministry in China with Howard Carter, and they had a strong desire to go to Tibet. The devil continually taunted him over his lack of money to make the trip. As an offering, a wealthy Chinese woman brought him three wooden cases of California Canned Fruit, a true delicacy in China at the time. Again, the devil taunted him relentlessly that he would eat that fruit himself before he'd ever get to Tibet. Sumrall, never one to back down, spoke by faith that God would provide for not just Tibet but all his labor to come. Within a short time, a large donation from a single person was given to him that, sure enough, proved to be enough to take him around the world. He said it's a great thing to have 10-cents and Jesus because that's all you need.

I was invited some years ago as a guest speaker at a church in Tennessee, roughly a six-hour drive for us. We were living with my parents, broke as a joke at that time. I had worked odd jobs the week before to save up enough money to make the trip. I ended up with enough to cover gas to make the trip and just enough for groceries to take for the kids. I had faith that the normal honorarium we'd receive would be enough to get us back home.

Dr. Jason Hunt in Tennessee

The church met us with great expectancy, and I delivered a healing message. Two people in the small congregation received healing during the meeting. I had ministered longer than usual, trying to press through the spiritual block I perceived in the atmosphere. None of this sat well with the elder that had invited us. We had stayed in his home the night before, had shared a nice evening, but now after church, he was visibly angry. He told me to pack my stuff and never come back to his town. Instead of the honorarium, I was handed a single Dr. Pepper, which I loathe.

So, we didn't have enough to make the trip home. As I climbed into our Dodge Passenger van for the drive home, the change in my pocket gave me a jingle. It was all we had for the six-hour journey. My wife was upset, and we drove off a little fearful of what was to come. Within a short time, the need for fuel came, and faith welled up inside me. My wife, who likes to point out the obvious most of the time, noticed the fuel gauge riding on Empty. I told her not yet and continued driving. Again, she brought it up. Again I said, NOT YET! A short time later, I pulled into a gas station just before the Kentucky state line. I pulled up right to the pump and sat there. It was now evening, it was dark, and few people were about. It was snowing, and thankfully, the kids were sleeping.

Crying and worried, my wife asked why on earth I had parked at the pump. I told her because we needed gas and God was going to provide it. Within fifteen minutes, someone sped into the parking lot. It was now nearing 9 pm, and they hoped from their car, looking around frantically. I had a feeling that was my provision. I walked toward the man, and he just asked if I was the preacher- I gave the nod, yes, and he handed me money. Enough to fill my gas tank and get a bite to eat. He said God spoke to him as he was sitting on the couch, and he had to go to the gas station right away to give a preacher some money. I thanked him, prayed for him, and we both went on our way.

Dr. Sumrall was right. If you have a dime and Jesus, it's plenty!

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