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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the tuition rates?
    Generally speaking, tuition is roughly $40 per credit hour. Certificate courses average $350.00 per program. Degree programs vary based on a number of factors ranging from transfer credits to course structure, and delivery options; which means an Associate or Bachelor level degree can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2400. Graduate level credits average $60 per credit hour and range can range anywhere from $2400 to $3200 on average. Contact us to create a personalized plan.
  • How are online classes completed?
    Once enrolled, students gain access to our online course portal through Thinkific, a leading provider of online courses. The online class platform is easy to navigate and return to as often as needed to pick up again when breaks are needed.
  • Can I enroll in more than one degree or program at a time?
    No, we only permit one program to be completed at a time. We will, however, permit a major/minor. Students must fulfill the requirements for each major individually then the respective credits will be tallied toward the degree. The primary specialization will be the major with the secondary the minor.
  • Are the Outdoor Skill Courses available on DVD?
    No, they are not.
  • Can I purchase the Ministry Core Textbooks in print format?
    Yes, there is a one-time $200 print fee charged by the publisher, this fee covers all the required books and the tests are included in the book.
  • Do you accept transfer credit from other schools?
    Yes. In most cases we are able to accept transfer credit from other reputable schools so long as the courses significantly match those we offer. The only exception to this is in the wilderness skills courses where we do not accept any substitution. Transfer credits are calculated at a discounted rate to offset administrative costs.
  • Can I make payment on my program?
    We only offer courses in blocks, so payments are broken up by default and can be purchased through the Thinkific platform unless books or DVD learning materials are required. If you wish to pay in full from the start, we are happy to provide a 10% discount.
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