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Talit and Torah

Biblical Hebraic Studies

Practical Church Ministry offers hands-on training through a local church mentor in leadership, pastoral care, discipleship, and outreach strategies. Gain essential skills for effective ministry, navigate real-world challenges, and make a meaningful impact in your church community.


Immanuel Gomez is a Messianic Pastor/ Rabbi with over twenty years of ministry experience. Immanuel served as a Lay Leader, Youth, and Associate Pastor in a local congregation before attending a Messianic Yeshiva for six years. Upon graduating, he and his wife founded One New Man Temple of Hope Ministries in Northern Indiana. Pastor Gomez hosted the Crossing Over Radio Program and has been a speaker and lecturer for the Chicago area ResTORAHation conference. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Bethlehem Bible Institute and is the institution's Adjunct Professor of Biblical Hebraic Studies.   

Program Outline

This sample outline is for the Certificate in Biblical Hebraic Studies. All program outlines are subject to change based on student needs and program objectives. 

Born Again: Not a New Testament Concept

Discover the timeless truth that being "Born Again" is not a New Testament concept. Uncover its roots in the Old Testament and its profound significance in Christian theology—journey through scripture to understand its transformative power and relevance in contemporary faith.

Jewish and Christian Baptism Customs

Explore the rich traditions of Jewish and Christian Baptism in this enlightening course. Delve into historical and cultural contexts, comparing rituals and meanings across traditions. Gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance and theological implications of baptism in both faiths.

Understanding Emunah (Faith)

This course delves into the ancient roots of faith, examining key concepts and practices from Jewish-Christian tradition. Gain a deeper understanding of faith's role in personal spirituality and communal life, exploring its implications for contemporary believers. Dive into scripture, history, and theology to cultivate a richer, more nuanced understanding of faith from the Hebraic perspective.

Understanding Ahavah (Love)

This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts. Students are guided in discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the Body of Christ.

These courses are offered completely online via video lectures with entertaining and informative sessions led by Prof. Gomez. The Certificate of Biblical Hebraic Studies may be combined with the Ministry Core to earn the Associate of Ministry in Biblical Hebraic Studies.

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